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Watch the videos below, in real time, to see what makes the Sweet Stencil Holder such an amazing tool for your stencilled cookies.  

How to remove the frame off the Sweet Stencil Holder
How to use the Extender Set
Stencilling using pink stencil for contrast
Stencilling and Gold gilding in one step
Sweet Stencil Holder Silk Screen Kit


- If you roll your cookies thicker than 1/4", the Extender set will accommodate thicker cookies.  Sold separately.  ​Click Sweet Stencil Holder link to purchase.

​You can either sandwich the 1/8" Extender frame in between the 2 frames on the Sweet Stencil Holder, or for added height secure the Extender on the top frame. If too high,  use clear lifter to raise your cookie.

- If you find that the magnet hold it too strong, place a piece of tape over the magnets that make contact.  This should make it easier to separate the frames.

Magnets lose some of their strength over time therefore it was important to use quality neodymium magnets.

- Have a smaller stencil you would like to use?  Tape pieces of plastic all around to enlarge the size. You can use stencil material, acetate or even card stock.  

More Videos coming soon!

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